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for immediate release


29 september 2020

xiamen, china:  xiamen biotime biotechnology co, ltd. (“biotime”), today released details of its exclusive partnership with innova medical group, inc., of the united states of america (“innova”).  under the agreement that was put in place earlier this summer, biotime shall exclusively manufacture its sars-cov-2 rapid antigen test kit under the innova brand and innova, the owner of the intellectual property comprising the antigen test kits, shall also be the sole and exclusive distributor and seller of those kits globally and shall have the rights to establish, operate, and maintain sister manufacturing facilities for the antigen tests around the world.

“our partnership with innova is the foundation of our efforts to aid the world in its fight against the covid-19 virus,” explained biotime’s general manager zhang guofeng, “the team at innova has significant global contacts and resources to widely distribute this product and has the industry knowledge and expertise to bring substantial and large orders that will occupy our expanded manufacturing capacity for years to come.  we are proud to have them as our exclusive partner.”

innova chairman, charles huang, added, “[w]e (innova) explored and tested several products over the past several months.  the biotime manufacturing process is by far and away superior to the others we reviewed.  the validation testing completed by ourselves, our buyers, and other independent agencies proved time and time again that not only is this highest quality test on the market, but also that biotime has the infrastructure, quality controls, and capacity to meet our international supply needs with highly accurate and cost-effective testing solutions.  our longstanding relationship with biotime and our confidence and comfort with their team were also important factors that really made this a no-brainer for us.”

the companies have each fielded several inquiries by other vendors and agents vying for positioning and have heard feedback from several customers and suppliers that there are bad actors in the market falsely representing a relationship with them.  mr. guofeng commented, “[l]et me be clear- if anyone in the market claims to have the ability to market, distribute, or sell any antigen kits manufactured by biotime without innova’s knowledge and consent, they are fraudulent actors, plain and simple.” “if anyone wishes to purchase or use the antigen test manufactured by us, they should contact innova directly.”




innova medical group, inc. provides cost-effective and efficient strategies to promote innovative medical technologies to the global marketplace and help eradicate viruses and diseases across the world.  for inquires, contact daniel elliott at 1.951.375.2725 or by email at .

xiamen biotime biotechnology co., ltd. is an established manufacturer specializing in research and development and production of poct in vitro diagnostic devices and reagents.  for inquires, contact jim huang at 86.158.6079.5889 or by email at .


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